Yastrow & Company Books

Ditch the Pitch

Tear up your sales pitch and engage in fresh, spontaneous, improvised conversations that matter to your customers.

We: The Ideal Customer Relationship

Aim to make every customer interaction a relationship-building encounter. “We” relationships develop commitment.

Brand Harmony

Create customer experiences that blend together to tell a clear, compelling, motivating, story.

Best-selling sales author Steve Yastrow advocates, “Tear up your sales pitch and, instead, improvise persuasive conversations.” Let go of pre-written scripts and embrace Steve’s guidelines for effortlessly enabling spontaneous conversations that persuade customers to say “yes.”

Ditch the Pitch is designed to teach Steve’s approach to fresh, spontaneous, persuasive conversations. Customers don’t want to hear sales pitches, but so many salespeople still rely on them. These new skills will show the reader how to identify the details that make each customer unique and how to navigate a conversation that focuses on the right message for the right customer at the right time.

With a fresh, provocative look at how to connect with customers, Steve Yastrow helps readers understand how to differentiate their businesses in a meaningful way. Yastrow turns conventional sales and marketing on its head by showing what really motivates your customers: a strong relationship with your business.

When your customer believes they are in a “We” relationship with you, where the customer sees you not as a vendor or a provider, but as a collaborator, they will be more engaged with and loyal to you. Both a manifesto and how-to guide, We: The Ideal Customer Relationship will change the way you interact with customers and change the way your customers think about you.

Steve Yastrow dispels myths about branding and shows how companies can successfully create Brand Harmony in the minds of their customers by aligning the entire organization to tell one cumulative story. Full of common-sense wisdom, Brand Harmony presents a fresh and revealing approach to branding and explains how companies of all types and sizes can drive results by focusing on harmonizing the customer experience.

The book includes a series of how-to exercises based on Yastrow’s proven methods and real-life examples, which walk the reader through each stage of the branding process.


Each of Steve’s best-selling books are available for corporate bulk purchases at a substantial discount. Press and media may also request copies for review.

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