Ditch the Pitch Sales Practice Program



Take your business to the next level by engaging Yastrow & Company to unearth key business challenges and to create strategies that will develop the dedicated commitment of your customers and employees.



Engage your audience with an inspiring keynote speech or interactive workshop that will provoke your team to re-envision your approach to business, sales, marketing, customer experience or employee engagement.



Enroll in one of our coaching programs to challenge your team to think differently about your strategic direction and customer relationships. We provide customized content and expert advice to teams and individuals.

The Commitment Compass Approach

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Leadership Alignment

Strategic Business Consulting

Leadership Strategy Alignment

Leadership Coaching

Branding & Sales

Brand Benchmark Customer Research

Brand Strategy Development

Customer Experience Design

Sales & Customer Relationship Training

Company Culture &
Employee Engagement

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Internal Brand & Culture Alignment

Employee Experience Design

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The Commitment Challenge

Developing customer and employee commitment is not easy! Our clients come to us when they run into challenges developing that commitment. Yastrow & Company has helped clients from a variety of industries address the following challenges:

Leadership Team Alignment

Is your leadership team disjointed, misaligned and scattered?”
• Align your team with a customized business strategy workshop to determine the most lucrative areas of untapped potential in your business
• Gain insights that will help you get inspired to re-envision your approach to your business and define your strategic direction

Customer Loyalty

Are your customers price-sensitive and unpredictable?

• Develop a brand strategy and communications plan that differentiates your company from the competition
• Map your customer journey and identify opportunities to design customer experiences that motivate your customers to act in ways that drive your results

Employee Engagement

Is your team unmotivated, disconnected and disengaged?
• Inspire your employees through a shared belief of why your company matters
• Establish your company habits, the shared behaviors that your whole team will take to deliver exceptional customer experiences and create a positive company culture

Customer Relationships

When your customers think about you, do they think “we” or “us and them”?
• Conduct qualitative customer research to better understand the beliefs, attitudes, and perspective of your customers
• Train your team how to create relationship-building encounters and engage your customers in conversations they care about

Yastrow & Company Books


Brand Harmony


Create customer experiences that blend together to tell a clear, compelling, motivating, story.


We: The Ideal Customer Relationship


Aim to make every customer interaction a relationship-building encounter. “We” relationships develop commitment.


Ditch the Pitch


Tear up your sales pitch and engage in fresh, spontaneous, improvised conversations that matter to your customers.

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