Best-selling author and strategic advisor to hundreds of companies reveals

The 3 Success Factors to Create Your Lasting Impact by Developing the Dedicated Commitment of Your Customers and Employees

Without years of investment, expensive technology or ineffective strategies

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In this FREE 30-Minute Webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Inspire your team to commit to your company and motivate customers through engaging customer experiences each and every day
  • Motivate your customers to commit to your company and give you a substantial share of their love, loyalty and purchases
  • Create lasting impact on your company, your future, and the world by developing the dedicated commitment of your customers and your employees
  • Identify new opportunities, accelerate next-level business results and start creating your lasting impact in the next 90 days

Steve Yastrow

Steve Yastrow is a non-stop idea generator, business advisor and best-selling sales author. He has guided hundreds of executives and businesses to generate results through the Success Factors in his Commitment-Driven Impact System.

Yastrow and Company has helped organizations of all types improve their results through Steve’s breakthrough marketing, sales, customer relationships and employee engagement.

Ditch the Pitch, We: The Ideal Customer Relationship and Brand Harmony

What Yastrow and Company’s Clients are Saying

I believe these new ideas contributed in helping us triple the company's revenue during my years as CEO.

Jim Evans

fmr President and CEO

Jenny Craig  

Our work with Yastrow and Company yielded the best long-term value of any consulting engagement we’ve ever had. Steve and his team gen​​​​uinely partnered with us, were exceptionally responsive and remain committed to our success.

Jennifer Whelan

VP of Marketing


I’ve been in business for 40 years, and Steve’s the first consultant that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from. Steve put together a​​​​ program that produced spectacular results, and the quality of our communication and customer satisfaction is vastly improved.

Jim Winter


Dimension Design

​​​​I highly recommend Yastrow and Company to any business that is intent on enhancing their customer experience. Steve and his team helped us achieve a cohesive brand message that we as a company live daily. I can’t imagine anyone Yastrow and Company couldn’t help.

David Sank

Executive Vice-President & COO

Calico Cottage

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