The scarcest resource?

If I ask audience members, or clients, “What are your scarcest marketing resources?” they inevitably answer, “Time, money and people.”

It’s true. Time, money and people are scarce marketing resources. But there is another resource, often overlooked, which is as scarce, if not scarcer.

Customer attention.

Customer attention is a rationed good. Use it wisely.

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  • Jayakumar Hariharan
    Apr 09, 2008 - 06:16 am

    Can we add imagination to the list? I Have not come across a more precious resource. Find it, and you find everything else.

    Imagination is the difference between the iPhone and just another “smart phone”

    Imagination is the difference between Starbucks and just another cup of coffee.

    Imagination is the difference between “Just Do It”
    and just other ad campaign.

    Jay, from Bangalore

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