The Brand Story Conversation

Customers commit to you when they believe clear, compelling and powerful stories about how you make them better off. If a customer’s personal narrative includes you helping them get to a better state, they will commit to you, and your business will be more successful.

One of the most persistent myths of marketing and sales is that we can tell our customers our stories and, through this telling, we can change their minds. Yeah, right.

If you’re telling your story to a customer, it is likely that the customer isn’t actually listening. They’re probably doing something else, or thinking about something else. Of course, storytelling is a wonderful thing. We all love to hear a good story, told well. However, most of the most powerful stories in our lives weren’t told to us. We co-created them with other people.

Think of one of your close friends. The story of your friendship grew out of the shared experiences you’ve had, over the course of your relationship. One of you didn’t tell that story to the other person. You co-created it.

The same holds true with our customer relationships. We can’t tell a customer a story about why they should love us. But we can co-create a shared story with our customers. We can have conversations with customers that help them form beliefs about why they value us, and why they want to commit to our relationship.

Your brand is not what you say you are, it’s what your customers believe you are. A conversation is the perfect setting for your customers to form clear, compelling and motivating beliefs about you. Stop telling your brand story to your customers and start co-creating stories through conversation.

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