Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis. The Men’s Room, 10 minutes before Springsteen takes the stage.

I overhear a man commenting on this ad …

… asking his friend, “Isn’t it strange to advertise advertising?

At least everything else was well-targeted in the vicinity.

(And, by the way, Bruce got 10,000 people’s undivided attention for 2 hours and 20 minutes.)


  • Larry Kaufman
    Mar 22, 2008 - 16:04 pm

    Whether or not it’s effective to advertise advertising, it’s not strange at all. What’s ironic, though, is that media have to use competitive media to advertise themselves.

    The classic story is about the New York Times, which had (and probably still has) a stringent policy forbidding unsubstantiable superlatives, but which permitted the Chicago Tribune, in the ad it ran every week in the Sunday Times,to call itself The World’s Greatest Newspaper. When asked about the policy deviation re superlatives, the Times responded, “The New York Times can afford to be magnanimous.”

    • Steve Yastrow
      Mar 25, 2008 - 01:06 am

      I guess the Times thought the Tribune ad was fit to print.

      I’ll admit, my problem with this is the whole idea that advertising is about “capturing eyeballs” and “grabbing their attention.” It’s like Room 101 in 1984 – Winston was forced to watch. He wasn’t having fun.

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