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Brand Harmony - Paperback Book 00002

Steve Yastrow's classic book, now in convenient paperback!

Steve Yastrow dispels myths about branding and shows how companies can successfully create Brand Harmony in the minds of their customers by aligning the entire organization to tell one cumulative story. Full of common-sense wisdom, Brand Harmony presents a fresh and revealing approach to branding and explains how companies of all types and sizes can drive results by focusing on harmonizing the customer experience. The book includes a series of how-to exercises based on Yastrow’s proven methods and real-life examples, which walk the reader through each stage of the branding process.

Praise for Brand Harmony

“Clear, compelling and powerful. Branding—in all its power and glory—made accessible and exciting. Hint: It’s for everyone, not just marketers.”
– Tom Peters

“Steve Yastrow completely changed the way our company looks at marketing. This book will be a must-read for all of my employees.”
– Carsten Pederson, President, Club 8 USA

“Steve possesses an insight into the workings of the marketing process in its entirety. With today’s business environment, he brings a new dimension to the old line, ‘marketing isn’t everything, but everything is marketing.’ The book is rich in ideas and ‘thought starters’. An important read for the young practitioner to the most senior executive, this common sense approach for business is timeless.”
– Paul D. Schrage, Senior Executive Vice President of Marketing, Retired, McDonald’s Corporation

ISBN-13: 9781590791998
Format: Paperback, 160 pp
Publisher: Select Books, Inc.
Pub. Date: May 2010

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