Stop Telling Stories

Sales and marketing are not about telling stories. Sales and marketing are about helping your customer create a story, in his mind, in which you figure as a prominent, clear, vibrant character. If your customer tells himself a meaningful, motivating story that includes you, he will be much more likely to get more involved with you, and take actions that improve your business results.

Stop telling stories about yourself.  Instead, figure out how to make yourself part of your customer’s story.

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  • Judith Ellis
    Feb 22, 2010 - 09:42 am

    Beautiful, Steve! Thank you for such words of wisdom. It appears that sometimes we don’t think we need wisdom in areas such as sales and marketing. Or, perhaps it’s called something else. What escapes me at the moment. But this is actually why I visit your website for the applicable wisdom here. “Wisdom is the principle thing” and understanding is how wisdom is applied. Thanks again for the wisdom that enables greater understanding and advances our businesses, not to mention enhances our relationships in general. You see, Steve, we really can have an impact on others. I did said thanks, eh? 🙂

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