Engage and provoke your audience with an inspiring, interactive keynote or workshop

Get Inspired, Challenge Your Thinking

Engage your audience with an inspiring keynote speech or interactive workshop that will provoke them to re-envision their approach to business, sales, customer experience and employee engagement.

Described as “a wonderful storyteller, a sophisticated purveyor of ideas and an effective change agent,” Steve Yastrow emphasizes the powerful connection between employees, customers and results. He teaches leaders and organizations how to develop customer and employee commitment that drives business success and provides concrete tools and ideas that the audience can act on immediately.

Engage your audience with an inspiring keynote speech or interactive workshop

Yastrow & Company’s Speaking Topics

Each of Yastrow & Company’s speaking topics will be customized for your organization and can be conducted in the format of either a keynote speech or interactive workshop. We will work with you to develop the best keynote or workshop experience for your audience.

Ditch the Pitch: Improvise to Sell More

Nobody wants to hear a sales pitch. When you develop the skills and confidence to Ditch the Pitch, you will capture your customers’ interest by engaging them in conversations they care about.


• Capture the interest of customers without a pitch

• Develop skills and confidence to improvise persuasive conversations

• Learn and practice the six Ditch the Pitch Habits

Commitment-Driven Impact

Uncover the most lucrative opportunities in your organization that will generate your next-level results. Re-envision your approach to motivating committed customers and inspiring a committed team in order to drive your success.


• Learn about the Three Success Factors of Intentional Leaders

• Clarify your direction and focus on creating results that last

• Discover your #1 profit lever: Customer Commitment

• Explore how to Inspire a Committed Team

Brand Harmony

Customers form strong brand impressions of your organization when all interactions they have with you blend in harmony to tell one clear, integrated, compelling story. Every team member contributes to creating a customer experience of Brand Harmony.


• Learn methods to strengthen your brand and communicate a compelling story

• Help each individual understand their contributions to the overall customer experience

• Explore your current customer experience and discuss enhancements to motivate customer commitment

“We” Relationships & Relationship-Building

Relationships are far more differentiating than products or services. The most committed and profitable customer relationships develop when your customers think “We,” rather than “Us and Them.”


• Learn how to create relationship-building encounters instead of relationship-eroding transactions

• Explore how to refocus your conversations to nurture meaningful and profitable customer relationships

• Discuss how to manage the relationships between your team and the teams at your client companies

Engage and provoke your audience with an inspiring, interactive speaker

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