How’s your customer experience?  Is it “ok?” “Good?”

Imagine if your customer experience was “AMAZING.”

Imagine if you took the ordinary and made it extraordinary.

As I’ve written and spoken about over the years, the concept of Brand Harmony describes how customers form impressions of companies like yours.  When all components of your customer experience blend to tell one powerful, compelling, interesting, differentiating story, customers are more likely to love you. Imagine if you took any part of your customer experience (for example, the purchase process, how you deal with customer service issues, your website, billing, returns, upgrades or technical support) and made it extraordinary by creating a strong experience of Brand Harmony for your customers

As a lesson in making the ordinary extraordinary, I want to share with you the work of Jacob Collier.  Jacob is a 22-year old musical genius from England. He’s also a YouTube sensation.

Jacob asked people to send him short 10 to 30-second videos of themselves singing simple melodies, and then Jacob took these ordinary melodies and made them extraordinary by singing (and sometimes playing) over them, including multiple video windows of himself as he performs. He has released his extraordinary harmonies in three compilations called “IHarmU.”  As you’ll see and hear, Jacob first presents the “raw” material from his fan, and then repeats it with his harmonized production.

Here’s an exercise for you, to inspire you to make your customer experience extraordinary.

Imagine each of the raw videos sent in by Jacob’s fans as representing your current customer experience. Then, when you hear Jacob’s harmonized rendition, imagine it represents “what could be” if you made your customer experience truly extraordinary.

The material Jacob works with runs the spectrum from ear-crushing amateur to professional (including videos from pros like Herbie Hancock, Ben Folds and Aimee Nolte). In every case, Jacob made it extraordinary.

Similarly, aspects of your customer experience probably run the spectrum from “ok” to “pretty darn good.”  No matter where you are on that spectrum, you always have the chance to be AMAZING.

Take a cue from Jacob, be extraordinary.

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