The Mosaic Actions

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” – Jim Stovall

Anticipate Needs

Every day we have to Anticipate Needs of both our team members and clients. Be proactive and think about the next steps in the project in order to anticipate needs. It is much easier to meet expectations and deliver what is promised when we anticipate the needs of both our team members and clients.

Communicate Our Story

It All Comes Together when our team members are able to Communicate Our Story and deliver on our brand promise. It is important to let our clients know who we are, how we’re different and how we strive to meet their needs. And we must communicate with one another to be an effective team that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Do it the Right Way

Do it the Right Way means delivering quality work that meets our standards and exceeds our client’s expectations while working with integrity. We must build on past experience to incorporate consistency, quality, and efficiency into our work, and adhere to established processes to eliminate mistakes and stick to timelines.

Build Relationships

In order to have It All Come Together, we must understand who the client is and what is important to them. Strong client relationships lead to better projects, more work, and referrals for other work. Building internal relationships will contribute to loyalty, trust, and a shared vision; it will also create a culture and positive work environment.

Close the Loop

It All Comes Together when we Close the Loop and communicate with both our clients and team members. Following through on what is promised increases productivity and improves our clients’ experiences. Individual actions affect the team, so hold yourself accountable for completing tasks in their entirety.

Contribute to a Positive Environment

When you walk into work for the day, the environment should be better for having you in it. Remember to treat your peers as your internal clients; this will result in a better work environment and an improved client experience. Leave outside issues at the door and bring a positive attitude.