Leadership Strategy Alignment Sprint

A four-week sprint to align your team, explore your goals and develop a plan to drive your results

Leadership Strategy Alignment Sprint

Align your leadership team, explore your long-term strategic goals and determine what it will take to achieve your desired results. Over the course of four-weeks, your leadership team will develop a plan to address your company’s highest priority challenges and opportunities.

The Leadership Strategy Alignment Sprint centers on a full-day leadership workshop to build consensus among your senior leadership and clarify your strategic direction. You will define your picture of success for the future by identifying the most lucrative new opportunities in your business that will generate your company’s next-level results.

As part of this Leadership Strategy Alignment Sprint, Yastrow & Company will:

  • Conduct preliminary phone conversations with your leadership to gather relevant information about your business
  • Design and facilitate a full-day, highly-interactive leadership strategy session customized to your business
  • Capture, interpret and share insights and recommended next steps within 2 weeks of the strategy session

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