Recently I published an article describing Ditch the Pitch Habit#5: Focus the conversation on your customer. It’s simple: Your customer cares more about herself more than she cares about you, so you’re much better off talking about her than talking about what you’re selling.

Drake Baer wrote an interesting article in Fast Company today that shows us another reason to focus the conversation on your customer as you ditch the pitch: If you use the word “I” or “me” too much in your conversation, it can project a lack of confidence. The article is called If you talk about yourself all the time, you might need more confidence, and references the book The Secret Life of Pronouns by James Pennebaker.

Two key Ditch the Pitch practices for focusing the conversation on your customer are to Make 95% of the Conversation About Your Customer and Obey the One-Paragraph Rule. Practice these, and not only will it help you ditch the pitch, it will help you project more confidence … all of which will help you persuade.


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