Inspire Your Team to Act with Commitment

There isn’t one person in your company who doesn’t, in some way, affect the customer experience. Even those team members who never have any direct interaction with customers. The actions of your employees communicate your story and have the potential to create an engaging, compelling, motivating customer experience. The actions of your team directly motivates your customers.

You can’t possibly prescribe everything you want your employees to do. You need to find a set of shared behaviors that everyone in your company can engage in to create compelling customer experiences. Every day your employees encounter novel situations they’ve never seen before. When they share a set of shared habits, not only will they naturally know what to do, their actions will create a compelling customer experience and drive your company’s results.

I’ve spoken to many leaders who have already determined a set of core company values. The challenge I’ve seen is that, even if employees can remember the values, they often don’t know what to do to live those values. The best way for employees to understand the “why” behind your company values is to first help them understand what they’re supposed to do to be a productive member of your team, motivate your customers and drive your success. Turn your values into verbs and establish your company habits, the shared behaviors that deliver engaging customer experiences.


  • Brainstorm the desired actions you’d like your team to take. Don’t be shy – try to think of 50 actions.
  • Inevitably, these actions will cluster into themes. Identify the top 5-8 themes, and you’ll take the first step to develop your company habits.

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