Inspire a Committed Team Through a “Shared Belief of Why We Matter”

The war for talent is on. Employees are looking for more than a paycheck, and companies are focused more than ever on how to recruit and retain top talent. So why do people stick with companies for the long-term? Employee satisfaction isn’t enough to retain top talent. We need to inspire commitment.

Committed team members are enthusiastic about their contribution to the success of your company. They are passionate about the work they do and they care about your company. Committed team members find meaning in their work, which inspires them to be productive and stick with companies for the long-term.

And that’s important. Because creating a customer experience that motivates customer commitment requires committed team members. When your team is committed, they think not only about their individual job tasks, but about collaborating with other team members to create compelling, engaging customer experiences. They focus every day on motivating committed customers and are enthusiastic about their contribution to the customer experience. Committed team members are crucial to the success of your business.

There isn’t one person in your company who doesn’t, in some way, affect the customer experience, even people who never have any direct interaction with customers. The actions of your employees communicate your story, and have the potential to create an engaging, compelling, motivating customer experience. What drives your employees to act with commitment?

They key to inspiring a committed team is a “Shared Belief of Why We Matter,” a statement about what you want your employees to believe about how your company impacts your customers, your community and the world. When your employees share these beliefs, your team will support and reinforce your brand and, ultimately, act in ways that motivate committed customers.

Imagine your team members were so inspired by this “Shared Belief of Why We Matter” that they came to work every day invigorated, engaged and committed to your company’s success. I’ve seen this time and time again – company cultures improve and employees are happier and more productive when they are inspired by “Shared Belief of Why We Matter.”

Can you clearly articulate your company’s “Shared Belief of Why We Matter?” Have you inspired a committed team? If you’d like to talk about the level of commitment of your team, and get some ideas for increasing that commitment, get in touch with me at

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