Today, you can make this positive impact on your business: Improve your relationship with one customer.

Customer relationships are your best source of competitive advantage, and the true driver of value in your business.

Every time you come in contact with a customer, you have the opportunity to improve your relationship with that customer. And, when you improve your relationship with one customer, you are keeping the competition away from that customer … and increasing the value of your business.

So … make your next interaction with a customer a relationship-building encounter. I am offering my ebook, Encounters: The Building Blocks of We Relationships, to readers of this blog for free. Take it. Use it. Lose it and then download again. Use it as a coaster for your coffee cup and then download it a third time. I don’t care, as long as you improve one customer relationship, today. (And another one tomorrow)

I’m sure you’re busy today. So am I. But, can you think of a better use of time than improving your relationship with a customer?

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