Identify the Untapped Potential in Your Business

In 1896, when they first discovered oil in the Alaskan territory, the explorers sensed there was a lot of potential there, they just didn’t know where it was or the best way to extract it. And it took them until 1932 to produce the first 150,000 barrels of oil. In other words, in that first 36 years, they had barely scratched the surface of the potential riches underground.

Think of your business like Alaska in 1932. No matter how long you’ve been in business and how successful you have been, your business has vast amounts of untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. The critical roadblock for most companies is determining which opportunities have the most potential to lead to next-level results. If you’re going to create lasting impact in the future, you have to start focusing your time, attention, energy and resources now. By identifying where the untapped potential is, you will focus those limited resources to work for you in a way that will generate results.

New Opportunities can come in many forms: new customers, new verticals, new products, new markets. But don’t just think of new opportunities as something you’re not already doing. What I’ve learned in my years of experience is that the most lucrative source of new opportunities is in your existing business. Think about the untapped potential in your current customer relationships, in your existing markets, in your current product line. The opportunities are there. It’s up to you to identify where the potential is so you can tap into it.

Your business is filled with untapped potential that when unleashed will help you generate next-level results. Where are the most lucrative opportunities of untapped potential in your business? Consider various categories of opportunity, including customer groups, verticals, products, and markets.

The 3 Success Factors
to Drive Results by Developing the Dedicated Commitment of Your Customers and Employees

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