Companies are often very careful about who has access to information.  Distribution lists are carefully considered.  Columns are deleted before printing.  Approvals are required before sharing data.

Sometimes these rules are breached, and sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

But … what do you think does more damage in your company, information getting to too many people, or information not getting to enough people?

I think most companies have this backwards. Don’t be so careful. Give more access, not less, because information helps people decide and act. In most cases, you are causing more damage by protecting information than you are by sharing it.

Err on the side of share.

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  • Amanda Cullen
    Jan 19, 2010 - 11:46 am

    And the attitudes of executives filter down to through the rest of the organization. If executives create a culture more apt to share than hide, then employees at all levels will feel more free to share information with other people in the organization who need it.

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