Encounters vs. Transactions

Are your interactions with customers encounters or transactions?

Think about the interactions people from your company have with customers. They could be servicing a customer, answering a question, taking a payment, making a sale, or interacting with the customer in some other way.

No matter what the specific task at hand is, imagine if the employee from your company handled the interaction in a way that made the customer feel like their relationship with the company got a little bit better. They felt a little more bonded to the company. They felt like the company cared about them.

If your employees look at every interaction with a customer as a chance to create a relationship-building encounter with that customer, instead of creating a relationship-eroding “transaction” with the customer, your customers will feel much more committed to your company.

It’s actually pretty simple. If your employees do these three things in every customer interaction, they will build relationships with those customers:

  • Give the customer their full attention
  • Make the interaction a conversation, not a monologue
  • Personalize the interaction, so the customer feels it was created especially for them


Make Relationship Building a Priority

Imagine if your employees turned just one transaction into a relationship-building encounter each week. How much more committed would your customers be? Your employees are totally capable of creating these relationship-building encounters. The question is: has your leadership team helped them see that building relationships with customers is a critical part of their jobs? Make relationship-building a priority on your team and watch your customer commitment grow.

Encounters vs. Transactions

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