Do your customers love you? Do your customers really care about their relationship with your company? The connection between your customers’ love for your business and your results is powerful. When your customers love your company, your business thrives.

Today, customers have many choices of products to buy, and nearly limitless ways to find information to evaluate those products. Customer satisfaction and simply meeting customer expectations are just not enough for a business to succeed in our current environment. We need to aim higher. We need to aim for Customer Commitment.

A committed customer gives you a substantial share of their love, loyalty and purchases and is willing to bypass your competitors to do business with you. A committed customer sticks with you for the long-term and goes out of the way to tell others how great it is to work with you. Simply put, a committed customer loves doing business with you.

When customers are committed to your company, they seek your input and advice; they share and communicate with you. They see you as more than just a product or service, and they’ve stopped comparing you to the competition, because they care about their relationship with your company. Think about how much more successful your business would be if your customers were not just satisfied with your products and services, but were deeply committed to your company.

Think of a time when a friend or colleague excitedly told you about a company they love doing business with. Maybe it was a national name-brand company, or maybe it was a local store or restaurant. Remember the enthusiasm of your friend’s rave reviews. Now, imagine how much more successful your company would be if more of your customers demonstrated this kind of commitment to you.

Are you and your colleagues focusing your time, attention and resources on building customer commitment? Are you ensuring that your entire customer experience is designed to motivate your customers to be committed to you?

Start focusing on customer commitment now. It’s the secret to driving results today, and well into the future. If you’d like to talk about the level of commitment of your customers, and get some ideas for increasing that commitment, get in touch with me at

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