Ditch the Pitch

Enroll in the Ditch the Pitch program to build your Juice Plus+ business

What is
Ditch the Pitch?

Ditch the Pitch is a highly successful Juice Plus+ program that you can use to earn the commitment of customers, team members and prospects. With Ditch the Pitch you will learn the 6 Ditch the Pitch Habits to help you turn every presentation into a “Plus Conversation”– a conversation that matters.

It’s all about conversation

Conversations are the “oxygen” of your Juice Plus+ business. And Ditch the Pitch will give you the tools – and confidence – to have lots of effective conversations. Your conversations will build your relationships, lead to follow-up conversations and drive the success of your Juice Plus+ business.

The 6 Ditch the Pitch Habits

What does Ditch the Pitch include?

  • 26 instructional videos and digital learning downloads
  • Relevant Ditch the Pitch tips and advice from successful Juice Plus+ leaders
  • Downloadable Ditch the Pitch Pocket Guide
  • Access to additional Juice Plus+ Ditch the Pitch Facebook community resources and events

How to enroll in Ditch the Pitch

Follow these 5 steps

You can start learning and practicing Ditch the Pitch now! Follow these instructions to enroll, or watch the video below.

  • Log in to your myjuiceplus.com account
  • Click the “Resources” dropdown
  • Click “Juice Plus+ Hub”
  • Then click “Enroll Now” button on the Ditch the Pitch banner
  • Accept the terms & conditions. 

Ditch the Pitch is available for $125 and will be a one-time deduction from your monthly earnings. No credit card necessary to enroll.

Steve Yastrow

About your host, Steve Yastrow

Steve Yastrow is the author of the bestselling sales book, Ditch the Pitch. Steve has helped thousands of people develop their sales, persuasion and relationship-building skills, including many Juice Plus+ partners.