Ditch the Pitch: You are an awesome improviser

My newsletter today is a 90-second video. Here’s the message:

Ditching the pitch requires you to improvise, but don’t worry: You are an awesome improviser.

In fact, it’s much more natural for you to improvise than it is for you to deliver a sales pitch. You’ve been improvising for your entire life.

Link to the video: You Are an Awesome Improviser

Enjoy the video!

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  • Michael MacDonald
    Nov 29, 2011 - 12:04 pm

    Love it! And glad to see you continuing to tout improvisation versus rote presentations that only bore customers.

    Of course, as a professional you have to know your product or service intimately and you have to be passionate about why you’re in business; but when you are, improvising to suit the time, place and customer will win you success more frequently than any other way, at least IHMO.

    (So, Steve, you can see that even in retirement, I enjoy your newsletters and videos – Happy Holidays!)

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