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Steve Yastrow’s new sales book

Customers don’t want to hear sales pitches, but so many sales people still rely on them. Steve’s advice: tear up your sales pitch and, instead, improvise persuasive conversations. Let go of pre-written scripts and embrace Steve’s guidelines for effortlessly enabling spontaneous conversations that persuade customers to say “yes.”

Ditch the Pitch is designed to teach Steve’s approach to fresh, spontaneous, persuasive conversations. These new skills will show the

reader how to identify the details that make each customer unique and how to navigate a conversation that focuses on the right message for the right customer at the right time.


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What people are saying about Ditch the Pitch:

“It’s simple: sell to people the way you’d like to be sold to. This book will give salespeople the courage to be human.”

Seth Godin, Author, The Icarus Deception

“In these high pressure times of bite-size communications we all hunger to be listened to and cared for individually. Our customers know great hospitality, the kind that is not about selling but treating their needs as our highest priority. Steve Yastrow’s teachings are applicable to any business that values long-standing success based on personal relationships.”

– Alex von Bidder, Managing Partner, The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York

“Business is an act of improvisation and I’m thrilled to see this thought brought into such sharp focus by Steve Yastrow. There’s an axiom in our work: the less your plan the more you’ll discover. We’d all benefit from ditching the pitch more often, and co-creating with our clients and prospects so we can discover more.”

– Tom Yorton, CEO, Second City Communications

“Sales is all about listening and creating a conversation based on what you hear. Steve Yastrow shows us how in this great book for salespeople and every one of us who needs to persuade people in our daily lives.”

– Rich Sheridan, Sales Vice President,

“This new and refreshing approach to persuasive marketing will appeal to readers in sales jobs and beyond.”

– Publishers Weekly