Customer Attention: Your Scarcest Resource

When you think of scarce resources in your business, what comes to mind? Time, money and people. Here’s another scarce resource: your customer’s attention. And customers don’t give up that attention easily. Think of all the demands on their attention: emails, meetings, their personal life, their customers. If you are just another one-way message assaulting your customer, don’t expect them to notice, and don’t expect them to care.

We humans are much more attuned to devoting our attention to conversation than we are to being on the receiving end of a monologue. Think of yourself. What’s more likely to hold your attention? A friend monopolizing a conversation and doing all the talking, or a back-and-forth, participative dialogue with that friend?

This contrast is so obvious that it’s incredible to think about how our most basic models of sales and marketing are based on one-way messaging. No wonder people ignore most of the 5000 marketing and sales messages that bombard them each day.

Customer attention is one of your scarcest resources. If you want to use this resource wisely, engage your customers in conversation.

Let’s talk about earning your customers’ attention through a unified brand experience.

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