Create a Customer Experience of Brand Harmony

The most common way companies try to influence the beliefs of their customers is through “brute force branding.” They believe that if they just interrupt their customers’ lives with enough marketing and sales messages, their customers will love them, believe in them and buy from them. We all know brute force rarely works. How often is your commitment for a company driven by that company’s marketing messages?

So what works, if brute force doesn’t?

Long before the invention of pixels on TV or computer screens, the French painter George Seurat discovered that he could create an entire scene just by painting little dots of color. Pointillism is the perfect metaphor for your customer experience. Imagine that the dots in this painting represent the points of contact, the “touchpoints,” your customers have with your company. When all of your customers experience touchpoints blend to tell one story, that’s Brand Harmony. An experience of Brand Harmony motivates clear, compelling, customer beliefs and leads to customer commitment.

Your customers evaluate your company at every point of contact they have with you. Your goal is to deliver powerful, engaging customer experiences that encourage compelling customer beliefs. Brand Harmony is the total customer experience that drives customer commitment. So, are you creating a customer experience of Brand Harmony in your business today? Are you communicating a story that leads to customer commitment?


  • Brand Harmony Audit: On a scale of 1-10, how well is your company creating Brand Harmony in the minds of your customers?
  • Why did you give your company that score on the Brand Harmony Audit? What do you do well to create a Customer Experience of Brand Harmony and what could you do better?
  • Based on your experience, which touchpoints do you think have the most impact on your overall customer experience?

The 3 Success Factors
to Drive Results by Developing the Dedicated Commitment of Your Customers and Employees

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