Here’s a relationship-building-encounter thought for today:

As you interact with a customer, consider what it will take to have your customer think, “This could have only happened with me. I am not getting the ‘standard treatment.’ I am being treated in a way that recognizes and honors who I am.”

Customers have very sensitive antennae that tell them when they are getting a cookie-cutter, scripted, pulled-from-inventory sort of treatment. Yes, it’s more efficient to treat customers in a standard way. But, when it comes to building relationships, it is much less effective.

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  • Susie Dias
    May 27, 2008 - 07:34 am

    Yesterday night I was talking to a friend and was telling her about ants…but what ants have to do with Customer Relationship, you may be thinking? Well, I believe they do. Ants are very small people which do tremendous things, even though they have the limitation of size, movement etc….Still don´t understand? Ants have continuity, perseverance and they do not consider what they are doing as a “small thing”. They carry a leaf as they are carrying a million dollars”. This is exactly what doesn´t happen with many people that deal with customers: they only think of the “big deal they can close”, the “big business” they can do…but they do not consider the small, tiny details and the continuity of a relationship….To start a relationship is one thing, to cultivate it, is another thing, to establish it, is yet another thing and to renew it, another yet. And this takes perseverance and care with small things said, eye contact, body language, time spent together, encounters in different situations and circumnstances, exchange…and so on….but it is not glamorous many times or “seen”…it´s the underground building and harvest the result way down the road…and once you get there, you find there is more to go…but the point is..perseverance and being there..always considering the “small” as “great and best”..and never thinking you “achieved”…it´s a never ending journey with all its joys and challenges….

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