Take your business to the next level with our Commitment Compass Approach

Clarify Your Direction, Take Action


Take your business to the next level by engaging Yastrow & Company to unearth and address key challenges and opportunities.

No matter what your strategic focus or unique business needs may be, our Commitment Compass Approach will clarify your direction by focusing on inspiring a committed team and motivating committed customers in order to drive your success.

Clarify Your Direction

Yastrow & Company begins each client engagement with a discovery phase to understand and clarify your business goals, challenges, and opportunities to get your leadership team aligned on a clear picture of success.

Take Action

All subsequent strategies and initiatives are built on that clarified picture of success. Yastrow & Company action plans focus on the connection between your team, your customers and your results.

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Create Lasting Impact

Business Strategy & Leadership Alignment

Strategic Business Consulting

Clarify your direction by focusing on inspiring a committed team and motivating committed customers to drive your success. Yastrow & Company will help your team identify the most lucrative opportunities in your business that will generate your company’s next-level results and guide your strategic next steps.

Leadership Strategy Alignment

Over the course of four-weeks, build consensus among your senior leadership about your key business issues and goals and gain insights to clarify your strategic direction. Yastrow & Company will help you develop a plan to address your highest priority challenges and opportunities.

Leadership Coaching

Enroll your leadership team in a structured coaching program to develop your own Commitment-Driven Impact action plan that will serve as a framework and guide your strategic implementation. Our leadership coaching approach is a hybrid of online learning, guided in-person team huddles, and remote coaching sessions.

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Motivate Committed Customers

Marketing, Branding & Sales

Brand Benchmark Customer Research

Gain understanding about the current state of your brand by exploring your customers’ attitudes, needs, perspectives and frames of reference. Yastrow & Company will conduct qualitative interviews with your customers, using our proprietary brand benchmark research process, as well as analyze and interpret the findings.

Brand Strategy Development

Articulate your ideal customer beliefs, based on customer research insights and business analysis, that will motivate your customers to act in ways that drive your results. Yastrow & Company will develop a clear, compelling and differentiating brand strategy that will guide all marketing, sales, product, service and operational strategies moving forward.

Customer Experience Design

Map and analyze your current customer experience including all marketing, sales, product, service and operational touchpoints. Identify opportunities for improvements and prioritize key customer experience enhancements that will motivate customers.

Sales & Customer Relationship-Building Training

Train your customer-facing team to Ditch the Pitch, engage in relationship-building encounters and create conversations that matter to your customers. With both engaging live workshops and interactive courses, Yastrow & Company training will help you build an effective sales and customer service organization.

Inspire a Committed Team

Company Culture & Employee Engagement

Employee Actions Development

Establish your company habits, the shared behaviors that your entire team will take to deliver exceptional customer experiences and create a positive company culture. Yastrow & Company will work with your team to develop your company habits and inspire them to integrate these habits into their daily work.

Internal Brand & Culture Alignment

Inspire your team with “a shared belief of why your company matters.” Through our participative approach, Yastrow & Company will define your internal brand and provide clarity to inspire commitment and help your team understand their role in your company’s overall success.

Employee Experience Design

Map and analyze your current employee experience including all recruiting, training, communications and workplace touchpoints. Identify opportunities for improvements and prioritize key employee experience enhancements that will inspire a committed team.

Take Action

Let’s connect to clarify your direction for developing customer and employee commitment that drives your long-term results.

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