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Steve YastrowIf your customers believe in you, they will act in ways that drive your results. Your most important challenge is to help customers create compelling customer beliefs about you. At Yastrow and Company, we focus on the connection between customer beliefs and better business results.

By developing and implementing strategies in your marketing, customer relationships and sales efforts, we work with you to create customer experiences that encourage customers to believe in you. And when they believe in you, your business results will improve.

We want to help you and your organization discover your unique story and communicate it in a way that creates compelling customer beliefs and directly contributes to your success.

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Case Studies

Here are some concrete examples of how Yastrow and Company has helped our clients be more successful by helping them to create compelling customer beliefs. Click on a title below to read more.

Brand Strategy Development

Business Issue

AMD Industries manufactures permanent retail displays for clients in many industries, especially consumer electronics. Before engaging Yastrow and Company, AMD’s value proposition focused on product benefits such as the durability of its displays, the reliability of its delivery and its pricing.

Yastrow and Company’s Solution

Our research with AMD clients identified that the clients who were most loyal to AMD believed that AMD’s displays helped them capture share in the highly competitive retail marketplace. The company had the opportunity to become more valuable to its clients by fulfilling higher-level needs—beyond the basic benefits of the product.

Based on this insight, Yastrow and Company created the We Create Yes brand strategy, along with an implementation plan to help AMD evolve its company culture to support this strategy. Yastrow and Company also helped AMD evolve its entire external marketing and sales strategies to leverage the We Create Yes brand story.

Business Outcome

In the first year, AMD saw immediate and significant business growth, especially from its largest clients. Eight years later, AMD remains committed to the We Create Yes brand strategy and is using it to drive results. AMD’s case proves that a strong brand strategy can serve a company for a long period of its growth. Marc Allen, vice-president of sales for AMD, says “We Create Yes has become much more than a marketing strategy for us.It defines who we are as a company, now and for the future.”

Branding from the Inside Out

Business Issue

Heffernan Insurance Brokers is a successful Bay Area insurance brokerage with a very strong employee culture. In an industry known for commoditization and sameness, Heffernan wanted to translate the strengths of the company and its unique culture into a differentiated brand strategy.

Yastrow and Company’s Solution

Through in-depth research with clients and employees, Yastrow and Company developed a brand strategy to capitalize on Heffernan’s customer focus and strength in personalization.

The brand strategy, Because You’re Different, was deployed both internally and externally. The parallel employee engagement strategy included specialized Heffernan Habits that enabled employees to fulfill the brand promise while maintaining its vibrant culture, in addition to supporting all marketing and sales efforts.

Business Outcome

By first engaging all employees with the brand strategy, Heffernan was prepared for a successful Because You’re Different launch. The brand strategy not only represents the company culture, it drives each interaction with customers and reinforces the company’s differentiation from its competition. Mike Heffernan, CEO of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, says, “Yastrow and Company recognized the strength of our culture and helped us turn it into a competitive advantage. Business is growing, and our team is dedicated to the strategies we created together.”

Consulting Clients
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Horizon Bancorp
  • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
  • McDonald's Corporation
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Consulting Testimonials
Rancho La Puerta has enjoyed continued success because of the work we did with Yastrow and Company. Together, we implemented business strategies that have contributed to our success. Steve and his team truly believe in our brand. I highly recommend Yastrow and Company to any business that needs help building the bottom line.

Roma Maxwell

Director of Sales and Marketing, Rancho La Puerta
David Sank
I highly recommend Yastrow and Company to any business that is intent on enhancing their customer experience. Prior to working with Steve, we were communicating various messages to customers. Steve and his team helped us achieve a cohesive brand message that we as a company live daily. Steve is an incredible listener and learned the nuances of our business rapidly. I can’t imagine anyone Yastrow and Company couldn’t help.

David Sank

President and CEO, Calico Cottage
Steve put together a program that produced spectacular results, and the quality of our communication and customer satisfaction is vastly improved. I’ve been in business for 40 years, and Steve’s the first consultant that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from. We’re going to continue to work with Steve and the bright, energetic people that are on his team.

Jim Winter

COO, Dimension Design
We have seen huge benefits from Steve's input. Steve is unlike any other consultant I've ever worked with. He takes a genuine, deep-seated interest in our business. He is intuitive and able to identify problem issues quickly. We wouldn't be as far along in acheiving of our long-term growth strategy if we hadn't actively and aggressively pursued Steve's Brand Harmony.

Michael MacDonald

Executive VP Sales and Marketing, American Licorice Co.
Mike Depatie
Steve Yastrow is at the forefront of the next evolution in marketing. We have implemented many of his innovative ideas... and have seen very positive results.

Mike Depatie

CEO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Rancho La Puerta has enjoyed continued success because of the work we did with Yastrow and Company. Together, we implemented business strategies that have contributed to our success. Steve and his team truly believe in our brand, and our experience with them was empowering, fun and a great learning opportunity. I highly recommend Yastrow and Company to any business that needs help building the bottom line

Roma Maxwell

Roma Maxwell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rancho La Puerta
Marc Allen
We are absolutely better off after engaging Yastrow and Company. They helped us look at our business from our clients’ perspective, resulting in a cultural shift throughout our organization. These changes have made a big impact - we’ve gained new clients and strengthened relationships with existing clients. The investment was well worth it.

Marc Allen

Vice President of Sales, AMD Industries
I give Steve two thumbs up—five thumbs up, if I had that many!

Roma Maxwell

Roma Maxwell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rancho La Puerta
Jennifer Whelan
Our work with Yastrow and Company yielded the best long-term value of any consulting engagement we’ve ever had. As we grow and expand internationally, Acuative continues to depend on the branding approach and marketing tools Steve and his team developed. Yastrow and Company genuinely partnered with us, were exceptionally responsive and remain committed to our success.

Jennifer Whelan

Vice President of Marketing, Acuative
Yastrow and Company introduced Brand Harmony and their Be the Brand concept to our team at Jenny Craig.  I believe these new ideas contributed in helping us triple the company's revenue during my years as CEO.

Jim Evans

former President and CEO, Jenny Craig
Craig Dwight
Steve’s approach to integrating all customer contacts into a comprehensive marketing message is a must in today’s information age. We have partnered with Steve to develop our integrated and comprehensive marketing message, and as a result of his excellent work, his new book is required reading for all of our employees.

Craig Dwight

Chairman & CEO, Horizon Bancorp
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