Commitment-Driven Impact

Wouldn’t it be great if all the hard work you’re putting in today contributed not only to your company’s immediate results but created a lasting impact well into the future?

Virtually all business leaders have the motivation to be part of something bigger, the drive to make a difference and the desire to create a lasting impact. Every one of us has the opportunity to take the work we’re doing today and create lasting impact on our companies, our futures, and the world.

In order to create a lasting impact, leaders have to be intentional about how they focus their time, attention and resources. Many business leaders spend the bulk of their time focusing on the issues right in front of them. They’re working hard putting out fires or making this month’s numbers. Rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day distractions, leaders must be strategic and deliberate in their actions. Unlike accidental leaders, who let things happen to them, intentional leaders make things happen.

Yastrow and Company’s NEW Commitment-Driven Impact System is a guide through The 3 Success Factors of Intentional Leaders:

  • Inspire your team to commit to your company and motivate customers each and every day.
  • Motivate your customers to commit to your company and give you a substantial share of their love, loyalty, and purchases.
  • Create lasting impact on your company, your future, and the world by developing the dedicated loyalty of your customers and your employees.

We live in an age where people have so many choices about what they buy and where they work. Customers are looking beyond products and employees are looking beyond paychecks – because they can. Customer preference and employee satisfaction may help your company survive, but if your customers and your employees are committed to you, your company will thrive.

It’s all about commitment. If you can earn the commitment of your customers and of your employees, they will act in ways that fuel your success and ultimately drive your impact. The idea of Commitment-Driven Impact stems from this idea, that earning the dedicated commitment of your customers and employees will drive your results well into the future.

I am excited to announce Yastrow and Company’s new Commitment-Driven Impact Coaching Program. My team and I are looking forward to bringing these concepts into businesses and helping leadership teams develop Commitment-Driven Impact strategies that will ultimately drive business results. If you’d like to talk about earning the dedicated commitment of your customers and employees, get in touch with me at

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