To realize your impact, you must earn the dedicated commitment of your customers and your employees. Commitment-Driven Impact stems from this idea, that earning the dedicated commitment of your customers and employees will drive your results well into the future and help you create a lasting impact.

Learn More About the Coaching Program

Get the inside scoop on our Commitment-Driven Impact Coaching Program during this brief 30 minute webinar.

The Commitment-Driven Impact Coaching Program helps leadership teams to:

  • Complete a comprehensive, actionable strategic plan to implement immediate change that will drive business results​
  • Gain consensus on business goals and get aligned with a clear direction to better focus your time, attention and resources​
  • Identify the most lucrative new opportunities in your business that will drive results and create lasting impact​
  • Earn a substantial share of your customers’ love, loyalty and purchases​
  • Inspire employee commitment that will lead to better employee teamwork, productivity and retention​

At the end of the Coaching Program, your leadership team will have completed a Commitment-Driven Impact Plan that will serve as a strategic framework and guide implementation of the work you do in this program.

How the Program Works

Watch videos and complete exercises independently

The online video content will orient you to the weekly topic and provide thought starters and real-world examples to help you complete your exercises and prepare for your Team Huddle discussion.

Practice the Commitment-Driven Impact Mindset in your daily work

Each week, you will have a personal practice prompt to help you practice the Commitment-Driven Impact Mindset as you go about your daily work and integrate these concepts into the way you conduct business.

Get together in a 90-minute Team Huddle

The goal of the weekly Team Huddle is to align your leadership team, share your thoughts and insights from your individual exercises and establish company-wide goals on the topic of the week.

Update your Commitment-Driven Impact Plan

Your team will update your Commitment-Driven Impact Plan each week with your Team Huddle strategies and insights. This plan is a living document that will change and grow throughout the program. At the end of the program, you will have a strategic plan that will keep your team focused on the most important activities that will drive your business results.

Check-in with your Yastrow and Company Coach

Your Team Lead will stay in contact with your Yastrow and Company coach throughout the 12-week program and schedule coaching calls to discuss insights, progress and plan development.


I believe these new ideas contributed in helping us triple the company's revenue during my years as CEO.

Jim Evans

 Jim Evans

 Former President and CEO, Jenny Craig

Our work with Yastrow and Company yielded the best long-term value of any consulting engagement we’ve ever had. Steve and his team genuinely partnered with us, were exceptionally responsive and remain committed to our success.

 Jennifer Whelan

 Vice President of Marketing, Acuative

I’ve been in business for 40 years, and Steve’s the first consultant that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from. Steve put together a program that produced spectacular results, and the quality of our communication and customer satisfaction is vastly improved.

 Jim Winter

 COO, Dimension Design

​​​​I highly recommend Yastrow and Company to any business that is intent on enhancing their customer experience. Steve and his team helped us achieve a cohesive brand message that we as a company live daily. I can’t imagine anyone Yastrow and Company couldn’t help.

 David Sank

 Executive Vice-President & COO Calico     Cottage

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