Create Your Brand Story

Do your customers understand the value of working with you?

Close the gap between what your customers think about you today and what you want your customers to believe with a clear brand story.

When your customers hold in their minds a clear, compelling story about how they are positively impacted by working with you, they will commit to you. Committed customers refer you, pay more and give you more business. Committed customers drive your business success. 

Your brand story is not your story. It’s your customer’s story; the story they come to believe by interacting and engaging with your company. Yastrow & Company will help you clarify and communicate your brand story in a way that motivates your customers to act in ways that drive your results.

Yastrow & Company will provide you with the expertise and tools you need to clarify and communicate your brand story.

Yastrow&Company Brand Story Process

The Yastrow & Company Brand Story Process has four steps to help your team clarify & communicate your brand story to motivate customer commitment.

Gather Team &
Customer Input
Gather inputs required to best craft a clear, compelling brand story.

Interpret &
Distill Insights
Interpret team and customer input to develop strategic insights and uncover powerful language.

Clarify Your
Brand Story
Clarify your brand story by writing clear and concise Ideal Customer Beliefs, the story you want your customers to believe about you.

Develop Your
Brand Language
Create a toolbox of brand language, foundational set words, and phrases that can serve as a guide for future marketing, sales and service efforts.

There are two options for working with Yastrow & Company to develop your brand story:

  • Yastrow & Company leads the entire process, taking responsibility for all research, strategy and messaging development
  • Yastrow & Company provides a framework for your team to develop your brand story with ongoing coaching and advice throughout the process 

Yastrow & Company will provide you with the expertise and tools you need to clarify and communicate your brand story.


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