Be a Star Character in Your Customer’s StoryBe a Star Character in Your Customer’s Story

If your customers embrace a clear, compelling story about your company, they will be more likely to commit to you and give you a substantial share of their love, loyalty, and purchases. So, what is the nature of that story? What is it you want your customers to believe about you?

Here’s the simple answer, and it has a twist: The story you want your customers to believe about you really isn’t about you. This story is about your customer, and why they are better off because they do business with you. 

Your customer, like every other human being on the planet, has an active, rich narrative going on in their mind, right now. This narrative is the current story of their life and includes elements of the personal life, their work life, along with their joys, hopes, fears, anxieties, and the many other thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives that flash through their mind throughout the day. 

Think of a potential customer, enveloped in this personal narrative, who is trying to address a situation in their life that you can help them with. What’s a more persuasive and compelling story for them to think about: a story about your company and its product/service offerings? Or a version of their personal story in which your product and service offerings are neatly woven into their own personal narrative? 

Your customer is always living in their own story. What if you could be a star character in that story? 

The best way to get a customer to understand and believe in your story is not to tell that customer your story. It’s to enter your customer’s personal story so that they see you as a vital, integral part of that story. 

Your customers care about themselves. They care about their personal narrative. That’s why it’s not productive to tell customers how great you are. Don’t fight that. Join it. Be a star character in your customer’s story. 

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