In today’s world, you are in a contest for both customers and talent. Your business operates in an environment where customers essentially have limitless purchase choices and employees essentially have the benefits of a full employment economy.

How do you compete with other employers to attract and retain talent that’s right for your business?

Executives and bosses often focus on “employee satisfaction,” which is certainly important. But satisfaction alone is not enough to ensure a workforce committed to the success of your company and each other.

The “satisfied” employee will do their job satisfactorily. But they may not do their job at an optimal level, and they may lose interest in the job over time. A satisfied employee may not care enough to help you earn the loyalty of a fickle customer.

Imagine an employee who is more than satisfied. Imagine an employee who is committed:

  • A committed employee is dedicated to helping your company succeed.
  • A committed employee is devoted to collaborating with their co-workers for the good of your company and your customers.
  • A committed employee is focused every day on motivating your customers to be committed to you.

Commitment is worlds beyond satisfaction or even engagement. Commitment is devotion. Commitment is emotional. Commitment drives employees to always do the right thing while doing their jobs.

Now, imagine if your entire team was committed. Imagine the cumulative effect if every one of your employees was dedicated and devoted to your company and to your customers.

A committed team is the magic fuel of a company’s success. Committed teams work together to make your company more attractive to both employees and customers. Committed teams naturally collaborate, because the team members are aiming at shared goals. And, committed teams are focused, every minute of every day, on motivating your customers to be committed to your company.

Is your team committed?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. And it’s one of the most important questions you should be able to answer with a “yes.”

My thoughts on committed teams come from years of observing and advising companies. Countless times, I have seen that this is a critical factor for success. If you’d like to talk about the level of commitment of your team, and get some ideas for increasing that commitment, get in touch with me at

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