Marketing and sales can be confusing topics.  Is advertising dead? Is social media the most powerful form of marketing? Why do customers trust certain salespeople, but don’t trust others? What makes people open up your marketing emails?

But, marketing and sales don’t need to be confusing. In fact, I believe that everything related to marketing and sales can be distilled into three fundamental laws:

Let’s explore the three fundamental laws of marketing and sales:

Fundamental Law of Marketing and Sales #1:
Customer Action is the Most Powerful Driver of Business Results

Want to improve your business results?  Before you start cost-cutting, acquiring or product-developing, focus on the most powerful driver of your results: Customer action.

Consider what would happen if customers:

  • called you before they called anyone else
  • agreed to pay the prices you ask for
  • shared their most pressing concerns with you
  • shifted more of their business to you
  • enthusiastically told their friends or colleagues how amazing you are

The success of a marketing effort is defined not by the awareness it creates, or how many awards it wins for the ad agency, but by the customer actions it influences.

Fundamental Law of Marketing and Sales #2:
Everything is Marketing

Here is a powerful truth: “Marketing communications” are some of the least influential ways to influence customers’ attitudes and beliefs.

Every interaction a customer has with your company is an opportunity for that customer to form or change their beliefs about you. Your entire customer experience is one large, integrated marketing communications program. You don’t get to decide which interactions are “marketing interactions,” because your customers reserve the right to make that choice.

Fundamental Law of Marketing and Sales #3:
Employee Beliefs and Actions are the Most Important Drivers of Customer Action

Every person who works for your company has an effect on creating your customer experience. Even people who operate “behind the scenes” and never speak directly with customers have an indirect, yet important, impact on the ultimate experience customers have with your company.

The beliefs and actions of your employees create your customer experience, which is what influences customers’ beliefs about your company and the actions customers take. If you want to improve your business results, start with your employees.

Every question you have about marketing and sales can be addressed by applying these three fundamental laws. Build your revenue generation strategies around them, and you will successfully improve your business results. It’s that simple… and that fundamental.

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