Recalibration series

I’ve started publishing a six-part series on, focusing on my Six Recalibration Questions:

  1. Where is the latent profit in your business, and how can you rethink how you generate results?
  2. How can your current customers help you unleash that latent profit?
  3. How can you unleash latent profit with new customers?
  4. Is your brand strategy right for the times, i.e., what do you want customers to think about you?
  5. Are you communicating optimally at all customer touchpoints?
  6. How clear and compelling is your internal brand?

If you approach each of these questions, with a “spirit of recalibration,” you will greatly improve your chances of thriving during this economic mayhem.

Here are links to parts 1, 2 and 3 of my series on  I’ll update when new posts are published over the next few weeks. Recalibration series, part 1 Recalibration series, part 2 Recalibration series, part 3

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One comment on “ Recalibration series
  1. Judith Ellis says:

    The series have been great at Thanks!

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