Social Media is not Mass Marketing

I published this piece on today:Social Media as Mass Marketing … Not the Future.  Have a look, and add your comments.

Keep the “social” in social media!

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5 comments on “Social Media is not Mass Marketing
  1. Larry Kaufman says:

    I have two observations about your comment that in the early days of the web, no one knew how to use it or where it was going to lead us.

    First, in those early times, our mutual friend Bob Ryan gave me a definition of a web site that I think has stood the test of time fairly effectively — it’s a cross between a catalog and a trade show booth. Unfortunately, even today, too many web sites fulfill their catalog mission of providing information while failing at their trade show mission of providing an opportunity for initiating dialogue and embarking on relationships.

    Second, in those same early times, speaking to the convention of the Power/Motion Transmission Representatives Association at Amelia Island, Florida, I suggested that the limitations on what could be accomplished on/by web sites lay not in the technology but in the imagination. We can do anything, I said, that we can think of doing.

    Consistent with your observations about social media, the problem is that we are using the technology without thinking about anything beyond Because it’s there.

  2. Larry – perfectly said: “Because it’s there.”

  3. Andy Thorp says:

    It reminds me of our strategy at networking events. Too many rate their success on the basis of number of business cards collected. They might think that standing on a chair and telling the WHOLE ROOM about what they do is the best way to generate business. But it’s those 3 or 4 quality conversations you have with people you truly connect with that produce real value. Like Rick in Casablanca, you could be looking at the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  4. Great example Andy. (And good use of a Casablanca reference!)

  5. Chris Brya says:

    Great post Steve. I couldn’t agree more. We’ll all definitely have see where it will lead, but the seeds are being planted now. I had a similar outlook on the business use of twitter now vs. future uses:

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