Niche campaign marketing

Sarah Silverman for “The Great Schlep” ( in which she asks Jewish college kids to persuade their grandparents who live in Florida to vote for Barack Obama.

Whatever your politics, religion, or opinions about this Sarah, you’ve got to be amused.  (My Jewish grandmother, who used to live in Florida, voted for every Democratic candidate from FDR through Kerry, before she died in 2005. Not sure if she would have needed persuasion from The Great Schlep this year to keep her streak up.)

But, from a marketing point of view, will this work?

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7 comments on “Niche campaign marketing
  1. Judith Ellis says:

    Steve – Great video! Yes, it will work! It’s smart, funny, witty, truthful, and it touches you in the heart. It also crosses many divides including race, religion, and generation. I loved it! Brava Silverman! And, GO OBAMA!

  2. Judith … and thanks for your cross-post!

    Check out this Joel Stein piece on the Great Schlep.,0,4147322.column

  3. Judith Ellis says:

    Thanks! I’ll check out the piece. I wonder if there would be a need for congressman Rahm Emanuel to schlep to Florida? Probably not! Didn’t know much about him before now, but I have been terribily impressed with this congressman while watching the bailout hearing proceedings and press conferences.

  4. Judith Ellis says:

    Great article by Jeol Stein. Too funny!

  5. Will it work? Of course! As Mr. Relationship, you ought to know that there is no relationship like that of grandparent and grandchild. If bubbe and zayde are worried about Obama’s support for Israel, Their cherished grandchild will be more persuasive than Golda Meir!

  6. Judith Ellis says:

    Thanks for the mention of Golda Meir My mom loved her and we followed Israel in my house when I was a kid because my mother so revered her. So, with this kind of power of persuasion, I’m even more convinced that it will work.

  7. Golda was a great persuader. She came to America after the 1947 UN Partition vote with less than $10 in her pocket and no change of clothes, in order to raise money in the American Jewish community for the upcoming tough times. Other Jewish officials didn’t think it was worth sending her, but she came back with $50 million. (She also made a less-successful secret visit to meet with the King of Jordan, during the same period. She didn’t succeed, but her colleagues knew who to send)

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