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September 2013

Ditch the Pitch Habit #6: Don't Rush the Story

August 2013

Ditch the Pitch Habit #5: Focus the Conversation on Your Customer
Let a Shared Story Emerge Through Your Conversation

July 2013

Ditch the Pitch Habit #3: Create a Series of "Yeses"
Ditch the Pitch Habit #4: Explore and Heighten

June 2013

Go with the Flow
Ditch the Pitch Habit #2: Size Up the Scene

May 2013

Ditch the Pitch Habit #1: Think Input Before Output
Figure Out What's Going On

April 2013

The Improvisation Instinct

March 2013

The Decision Funnel
Find Your Customerís Path

February 2013

The Persuasion Ensemble
I Don't Know What to Do. And I'm Okay With That.

January 2013

Ignore the Economy
Imagine it's December 31...

December 2012

Fundamental Marketing Truth #7

November 2012

Another Fundamental Truth: “Complementary” is More Important Than “Consistent”
More Fundamental Truths of Marketing

October 2012

The Fundamental Truths of Markering Part 2
The Fundamental Truths of Marketing Overview
Every Company Has Cash Registers

September 2012

Measuring the Unmeasurable
Too Big Not to Fail

August 2012

Invest in Jobs - Now!

July 2012

Three Minutes Before Your Sales Call
Let's Talk About Us

June 2012

Logical Pricing is Bad for Business
Be Aware. It's Only Human.

May 2012

Ultimate Copywriting
Show Me You Know Me

April 2012

Don't Knock Her Story Out of Her Hands
Brand Entropy vs. Brand Harmony

March 2012

Don't Stop the Conversation When You Hang Up the Phone

February 2012

Marketing with Tabasco Sauce
How to Turn a Sales Conversation into a Shared Story
How to Propel a Sales Conversation Forward

January 2012

How to Start a Sales Conversation

December 2011

Cannibalize Yourself (Before Someone Else Does)

November 2011

90 Seconds With Steve: You Are an Awesome Improviser
Why would they love you?
Quiver in Your Boots

October 2011

To Achieve Success, You Need to Create Success
Sales Tip: Don't Think So Much

September 2011

Say Less. Sell More.
Sales Tip: Don't Load the Slingshot

August 2011

Will your customers be witnesses for you?
Ignore Your Mission Statement

July 2011

Selling: Too Much, or Not Enough?
3 Tips for Better Sales Conversations

June 2011

Letting the word in vs. Getting the word out

May 2011

Your Powerful Personal Brand
Most People Are No Buts
Close Enough for Government Work

April 2011

The Gentle Turn: From Not Selling to Selling

March 2011

What businesses can learn from non-profits
Everything your customer says is true
You know the words, but not the music

February 2011

What are your company's myths?
Definition of Marketing

January 2011

Sales Conversation: Earning the right to be heard
What should you do the first week of the year?

December 2010

Who do we intend to be?

November 2010

Sales Pitch? Sales Conversation.
The #1 Sales Rule: Don't Talk about Yourself
The Top 5 Reasons Sales Pitches Don't Work

October 2010

Write your sales story backwards
It's time for a break (The One Paragraph Rule)

September 2010

Sales Tip - Leave things in your pocket
Do as you say, not as you do

August 2010

Reflect Your Customers
Get Rid of Your But

July 2010

Improvisation: The Cure for Unpredictability
Advertising is the worst kind of marketing.

June 2010

The Bridge to the Best Idea
Attention! Do your customers give it to you?
How To: Do Differentiation Differently

May 2010

Do Differentiation Differently
Work With What You Are Given

April 2010

Meeting a Potential Customer for the First Time
Don't Be a "Vendor"

March 2010

The Way We Connect
Improvise your success.

February 2010

Tear up your elevator pitch.
Part Six: Does your marketing department get it done?

January 2010

Part Five: Does management allow its marketing professionals to succeed?
Part Four: Do you focus on internal marketing?

December 2009

Part Three: Most Companies Stop Marketing
Part Two: Good Marketing
Part One: How do you know if your company is doing good marketing?

November 2009

Strategic Kavanah
Choose Your Future

October 2009

Invent Your Future- Now
The Things That Matter

September 2009

We have seen the enemy, and it is...
Your business is not a slot machine

August 2009

The End of the Sales Pitch: Ditch the Pitch!
The Land of Ideas & Decisions: The Simple Lesson of Microeconomics in Tough Times

July 2009

The Post-Consumer Service Age (A Cinderella Story)
Across the board cuts are lazy

June 2009

Everyone Can Sell
The Encounter Habit
"Mine Your Own Business" System, Step 3: Mine it!

May 2009

"Mine Your Own Business" System, Step 2: Design it!
"Mine Your Own Business" System, Step 1: Find it!

April 2009

Mine Your Own Business: Unleashing Latent Profit
Easy Money: When you interact with your customers, is it a kiss or a slap?

March 2009

Brand Story Recalibration
Recalibration: Stop Tweaking. Start Recalibrating.

February 2009

What do you want to know? (Differentiation Ladder)
Your Business Stimulus Package

Janurary 2009

The Relationship Threshold
Survive or Thrive - Free Readiness Teleseminar MP3 download

December 2008

Opps. vs. Ops. - Saying "Yes" more than you say "No"
The 2009 Readiness Test
It's time to invest: Developing your most valuable asset during tough economic times

November 2008

I believe I am loyal to you.
True Loyalty

October 2008

Dealing with a Harsh Economy: The Window and the Mirror
Moments with presence

September 2008

The Apple Farmer
We are not multi-taskers

August 2008

Making it By Hand
Part 3: Brand Story

July 2008

Part 2: Brand Harmony
Part 1: Brand Essence
I hate scripting. I love jazz.

June 2008

Turning Customer Loyalty Upside Down
Don't Finish Anything

May 2008

Relationships - a Key Driver of your Company's Value
What is a Customer Relationship? Part Two

April 2008

What is a Customer Relationship? Part One
Be Different: Have a Relationship with your Customer


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