From the Museum of Badvertising:

Can anyone explain this ad to me?

What in the world are they trying to say?

What in the world were they thinking?

(What’s funny about the premise that a hotel will bend over backwards for a guest who comes through a “low-priced” Internet channel is that the opposite is often true. Check out this post I on wrote

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4 comments on “From the Museum of Badvertising:
  1. Todd Reed says:

    From first viewing – save 30% on labor day hotel stay and you can write reviews. Upon further reflection: Even saving 30% this guy wasn’t able to afford a nicer hotel with a real hot tub? Oh yeah, and the message to hotels: no matter how much you bend backwards to satisfy me, I may still slam you on this large, well-used website.

    Definitely not a “WE” statement in this commercial.

    What a shame they couldn’t have spent that money on a highly targeted campaign focused on their power users and their networks.

  2. Thanks Todd. Your comment reminded me of a post I wrote on last year, a link for which I added to this post. Or, just go here:

  3. I work for a digital communications firm that specializes in the hospitality industry. I often rant about what “traditional” advertising agencies produce for their clients. This spot is a perfect example of their thought processes. The advent of Social Media (re: trip reviews) has the hotel world grasping for a method of utilizing this channel to increase visibility and counter negative reviews (deserved or not).

    You are correct to term it “Badvertising.”

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