Drivercam: Invent Your Future – Now!

Here’s short video rant on taking control of your company’s future, inspired by a conversation with Mats Lederhausen of Be-Cause. Mats is very interested in helping companies define their purpose, and this conversation, led me to a late-night eye-opening.

There is no destiny that you don’t create! 19th century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard distinguished between riding a wild stallion and riding in the back of a hay wagon. They both get you somewhere, but the first, while more challenging, requires much more responsibility.  Ride the stallion, especially in tough times!

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6 comments on “Drivercam: Invent Your Future – Now!
  1. Caroline Ceisel says:

    I like the idea of “invent your own future now.” I think though, that it is also critical to know your present. To understand what your company means to its customers and where it has grown.

    I think that if you know and understand what is already there, “the size and grain of the rock” so to speak, you can sculpt something much more meaningful.

  2. Yes, the future starts now!

  3. bonnieL says:

    Hey Steve, it’s time for Yastrow to sell t-shirts/buttons/bumper stickers.


    Gonna post your video on triiibes – hope you don’t mind.

    “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

    triiibe on!

  4. As you began, I thought you’d lost your mind. I’ve followed your posts and comments at Tom P’s site, and this sounded like madness compared to the Steve I’ve read over there.

    Glad I stuck around for the denouement.

    I’m shortening ‘Invent Your Future Now’ to InYoFuN!

  5. Joel – that’s the excitement of telling this story! I need to have my encourage when I tell it, since it takes such an abrupt turn. If someone tuned out in the middle, they’d think I was “pre-determinist” business person, which is the opposite of what I am! Gotta keep life exciting!

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