Do Differentiation Differently

Today’s newsletter, Do Differentiation Differently, turns the tables on differentiation: If it’s so difficult to get customers to see why you’re different, why not focus on what your customer thinks is different: Himself.

I explore this concept in great detail and have some innovative exercises for you and your team, so go read the newsletter: Do Differentiation Differently!

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5 comments on “Do Differentiation Differently
  1. Steve:

    I have seen people tailoring a business proposal or a solution based on REQUIREMENTS listed by a specific customer, but can’t remember seeing the kind of proactive customer-centric approach you have described.

    And … given that most of us would have already spent some effort differentiating ourselves, should we do some kind of mapping of company-side differentiation to customer-side differentiation?


  2. Randy Bosch says:

    I attended a Stuart Rose seminar on the Mandeville Techniques way back in the 1970’s that focused specifically on the concept you outline in your post. It drove my client relationship building from then forward! Worth a look to reinforce your excellent update!

  3. Randy Bosch says:

    Oh, and thanks for the great post!

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