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Israel is Talking, but Not Communicating
We all know the difference between talking and communicating. Being "talked at" by someone has a very different feel to "communicating with" someone. Read More ›
Ditch the Pitch and Engage in Sales Conversations
Ditch your sales pitch and engage in persuasive sales conversations. Here's my rundown on the Ditch the Pitch Read More ›
Climb Your Way to the Top with the Brand Pyramid
Story is often a metaphor for branding. This concept normally makes people think of telling a story about their company or products. I Read More ›
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"When Steve Yastrow writes, I pay close attention."
Tom Peters

"Ditch the Pitch is a great read-- interesting, fun, and easy to follow. And I’ve already seen the concepts work. Just yesterday, I called a client and had a conversation that was 95% about the client, as the book suggests. At the end of the call, he sent a new matter my way. I ditched the pitch and it resulted in new business."
Attorney, Chicago, IL

"Steve Yastrow's teachings are applicable to any business that values long-standing success based on personal relationships."
Alex von Bidder
Managing Partner, The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York

"Steve Yastrow has clearly described the emotional reality of customer relationships and their impact on profitable business growth."
Rhoda Olsen
President, Great Clips for Hair

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